Our Mission

To achieve immediate and lasting change in lives and communities through a Christ-centered practical approach while utilizing an effective wrap-around reentry program.



Sanford 'Sandy' Otsuji, PhD, Executive Director

Sandy has vast ministry experience as a pastor, international missions Executive Director, Seminary Professor, law enforcement Chaplain, former Executive Director of an abused children’s foundation, and member of various Education Boards. Sandy has a passion to work with the disadvantaged and has traveled to many countries to help those in poverty as well as those in crisis. He has been integral in the forming of Lasting Change while working in law enforcement. Sandy finds joy in sharing God’s Word and regularly trains pastors. His desire is to help those who struggle with breaking from their past behavior, attitudes, and negatively influenced friends so that they can have a successful new life after incarceration.


John Sorich, Director of Programs

John’s 35 years of business experience in project management, systems development, along with his organizational skills provides the tools to develop a sustainable ministry. His desire is to put his gifts to work to enhance God’s Kingdom via Lasting Change. John believes that by utilizing existing community agencies and strengthening one’s spiritual belief, an individual can be lifted up in a manner to ensure a lasting change can be made for a better life. John feels extremely blessed that the Lord has brought him to this ministry, and grateful the Lord will be glorified through it.


Scott Wilson, MDiv, Director of Operations

Scott is a church planter and pastor with years of experience in personal finance, entrepreneurial leadership, and organizational development. He is a lover of theology and passionate teacher of God’s Word. The opportunity to combine his organizational and ministry experience in his role at Lasting Change has been an incredibly fulfilling and joyful experience. Scott desires nothing more than to remain faithful to the calling God has given him, and he is grateful to be used to love and care for those Lasting Change serves.


Arlen D. Schrager-Lukkes, Director of Church Relations

Arlen has been active in women’s prison ministry since 2006. Her ministry background includes years of service in the areas of worship, Children’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Biblical Counseling, and Missions. Arlen possesses a firm belief that the church as the body of Christ, can help bridge the chasm between incarceration and an inmate’s return to society. She is committed to the work of reducing recidivism through the grace of Jesus Christ.


Ken Krikac, Director of Leadership Training

Ken is devoted to the well-being of his community. His first career was spent as a Rescue Boat Captain in Los Angeles. Ken now serves our community as a Pastoral Counselor at Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills. Ken also serves as a Chaplain for Orange County Fire ministering to firefighters and their families and reaches out to citizens of his community during times of crisis, bringing them faith, hope, and love through Jesus Christ. Ken counsels for a variety of needs. He is currently a graduate student at Biola University. Ken has been married for 34 years to his beautiful wife, Lindsay. They have one daughter, Chloe.


The population we serve, the incarcerated, are a metaphor of us all. All of us are prisoners in chains to sin, self, and death with no hope apart from Christ. Lasting Change is guided by the truth that God loves everyone, and the greatest display of that love is His sending Jesus Christ to suffer and die for our sins so that the chains of death are broken and we can be raised to new life, eternal life, in Christ.

No one is beyond saving. He can take the worst and most hopeless and create new life and eternal joy. As those who have received the wonderful joy of salvation in Christ, we strive to bring everlasting change to those we serve to restore lives and communities.

Lasting Change Statement of Faith