How Lasting Change Helps

We work together with the church to reduce the recidivism cycle and change lives by focusing on two critical areas:

Practical Needs

Once an inmate is identified and they and their family voluntarily agree to participate in the six-month program, they are immediately surrounded by a six-person team of trained church volunteers. This team provides leadership, encouragement, and the love of Christ by developing a customized action plan that utilizes public and private resources in each of the following areas:

  • Addiction / Recovery
  • Accommodations / Housing / Transportation
  • Job Training / Vocation
  • Family / Marital
  • Medical / Mental
  • Emotional / Spiritual

Spiritual Needs

We believe the only way to truly affect lasting change is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. While participants are not required to be Christians, or have any religious affiliation, it is made clear that we love them because we love Christ and that we not only desire temporal change and an improved life, but we also desire eternal change and a changed heart. That is why the heart of the program is the spiritual emphasis provided to the participant and the participant’s family. This includes a customized plan that incorporates:

  • A daily devotional
  • Weekly Bible studies
  • Helping connect to a local church if desired
  • Assigning a Lasting Change Reentry Counselor to each participant for specific one-on-one counsel, especially focusing on anti-social, behavior, attitudes, and relationships.