Christ-Centered Approach to Reduce Recidivism and Change Lives

Bringing the church and community resources together to restore lives, strengthen families, and improve public safety through a Christ-Centered Reentry Program.

Nick doesn’t just need a second chance – he needs a new approach to life.

He’s never been convicted of a violent crime, but he’s made terrible, life affecting choices. He’s now coming out of jail after a short sentence to find himself on the fringes of society.

Few people trust him. Few people want to help him. He’s fortunate to have family that wants to get behind him, but there is overwhelming fear there. His family is frustrated by his choices and they’re afraid of enabling further bad choices. They feel helpless and ill equipped. They need support. Nick needs support.

He needs a job. He applied to a few places, but jail time doesn’t always sit well with future employers. Even if he finally landed a job, he can’t get his suspended license back yet and employers want to know he has reliable transportation.

The first step always feels just beyond his ability.

He wants to make changes. He knows the statistics of those who end up back in jail, and doesn’t want to be that statistic. But with every passing day he panics.

He feels frustrated, isolated, and inept.

He falls back on old relationships and habits.

Soon he’s right back where he started—old patterns, bad influences, and poor choices. How long do you give him before he’s back in police custody?

*Nick is a fictional character used for illustrative purposes. Any relation to an individual living or deceased is purely coincidental.

Recidivism Rate – the percentage of individuals released from jail who return to jail.

67% – California’s recidivism rate, one of the highest in the nation.

Why should you care?
All of us are affected economically by the high recidivism rate in California. But more importantly, this is our community. Many of these individuals have made bad choices, but are eager to change and need help.

When we care for one another, our community is safer and stronger.

You get that but how do you help?
Maybe Nick’s story is your story or your family member’s story. Is someone in your family serving a jail term and you desperately desire better opportunities to help him or her upon their release?

As Christians we are called and sent to live on mission for the glory of God, and part of that mission is to "do good to everyone" (Galatians 6:10). That means we have the unique privilege of serving others in Christ’s name. And not just others, but everyone—even Nick.

Lasting Change can help.
By utilizing the church to bring the community and justice system together we can achieve lasting change in the lives of those like Nick who are coming out of jail and desire to break the cycle of incarceration and release.

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